Potters' Challenge At The Castle 

Fans of Channel 4’s TV programme, The Great Pottery Throw Down - or anyone who has an interest in working with clay and ceramics - won’t want to miss the Potters' Village which will be taking place during the Craft In Focus Contemporary Craft Fair at Hever Castle Gardens & Castle from 18-21 May.

Although there is no affiliation with the TV programme or its producers, visitors can come and meet several of the potters who have appeared on the 2022 series (series 5) as well as Sally Tully and finalist, Adam Johnson, who appeared on the previous year’s series (series 4).

Many of the potters will be staging duelling challenges amongst themselves such as throwing as many pots as possible within 10 minutes, the best sculpture in 15 minutes and building the tallest structure in 15 minutes with a set amount of clay.

The potters will also be offering workshops where visitors can have a go at creating something themselves in clay.

In addition Adam will be demonstrating small wheel throwing creating miniature pieces on a tiny wheel by Small Ceramics and then demonstrating raku firing in a microwave – both of these techniques are unusual and are sure to generate a lot of interest; And Sally will be demonstrating the technique of raku – where glazed ceramics are placed in a combustible material which creates beautiful colours on the finished items.