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Browse through to see our exhibitors in this discipline during 2020 and access their websites and/or social media sites where you can often buy direct. Look for the video icon, as there are also some links to videos showing the makers creating their work.

Click through the galleries using the dots or arrows at the bottom of the page, or click an exhibitor name on the right hand side (bottom of page on mobile). Best viewed on a tablet, laptop or desktop computer. 

  • Anna Rennie - Artisan Silversmith

    Silverware for you and your home. Both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Jewellery to complement organic silverware designs. Handcrafted in Cornwall. Contact Anna to discuss commission ideas.

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  • Barbara Ehlers Silversmith

    Sterling silver jewellery and gifts hand by Barbara Ehlers in her Sussex studio. ‘Keep it Simple’ is her mantra allowing the beauty of the piece to flatter the wearer.

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  • Brett Payne

    Contemporary Silver Candlesticks, Vases and Tableware.

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  • Chris Boland

    Chris constructs bold, sculptural, stone set jewellery using precious metals, inspired by inorganic forms. The stones used are natural and untreated and often one off, with unique inclusions.

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  • Eileen Gatt

    Jewellery and silver inspired by wildlife and winter landscapes.

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  • Fenella Watson Designs

    Modern, sleek design for your home. Contemporary tableware and jewellery.

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  • Karina Gill

    Silverware and Jewellery. Designer and maker based in Dorset.

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  • Martyn Pugh

    His striking silverware and jewellery blends mathematical lines with organic curves achieving pure balanced form, utilising every known precious metal and the finest stones. ‘Challenge me with your commission’.

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  • Rebecca Joselyn

    Drawing her inspiration from our hectic lifestyles of convenience and throwaway, she looks at the materials we take for granted and discard from day to day.

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