A big welcome to Chrissys.co.uk which is the order system for Chrissys Cakes Bristol. I welcome both my loyal previous clients and also new guests from Facebook. 

We have gone to a lot of trouble to make sure your information is safely encrypted and we are using a secure website to protect your confidentiality subject to Data Protection Act.

If you would like to take the opportunity to register on my Chrissys.co.uk site, this will, offer you options which will not be available on Facebook.  e.g.  Priority forward booking. You now have to be a member to reserve a date or place an order.
Why have I set this up?
To make it easier to place an order using drop down menus, to speed up the order process and date save requests and to minimise the amount of administration time on both our parts.  In effect, to make it simpler to place an order.
There are currently two options available to you:
1. Reserve a date request
2. Place an order request

You will find these buttons on the left of this page in the Menu choices.  Select your choice and follow the prompts.
After completing all the information, hit the submit button on the final page and please wait.  It takes a short while for the information to be processed and then the page will refresh and tell you what to do next.
I hope that you will find this process much simpler than the previous order method and of course you can still message me anytime on Facebook to discuss any queries you may have.


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