Listed below is a guide on pricing, based on a simple cake design.  Additional models and/or design complexity will add to the basic cake cost.  I am happy to make whatever you wish but that will be reflected in the final figure.  Please ask me for a quote if you have a particular design in mind and I will be happy to help you.

SINGLE TIER CAKES                Prices From
 7 inch / 17.5 cm      Round        £50
 8 inch / 20 cm         Square       £60

10 inch / 25 cm        Round        £75
10 inch / 25 cm        Square       £80

12 inch / 30 cm        Round        £110
12 inch / 30 cm        Square       £120

2 TIER CAKES (ROUND SHAPE)           Prices From

Small 2 Tier (Serves approx. 15)         £60 (Price includes max. 2 models)
7 inch / 17.5 cm    Base Tier
5 inch / 12.7 cm    Top Tier

Medium 2 Tier (Serves approx. 30)     £85 (Price includes max. 3 models)
9 inch / 22.86 cm    Base Tier
6 inch / 15.24 cm    Top Tier
Large 2 Tier (Serves approx. 50+)      £140 (Price includes max. 4 models)
10 inch / 25.4 cm    Base Tier
7 inch / 17.78 cm    Top Tier

Additional handmade models/figures available from £10 each on all cake sizes.

3 TIER CAKES (ROUND SHAPE)        Prices From

Small 3 Tier                                     £150
9 inch / 22.5 cm     Base Tier
7 inch / 17.5 cm     Middle Tier
5 inch / 12.5 cm     Top Tier

Medium 3 Tier                                 £200
10 inch / 25 cm      Base Tier
8 inch / 20 cm        Middle Tier
6 inch / 15 cm        Top Tier

Large 3 Tier                                    £250
12 inch / 30 cm      Base Tier
9 inch / 22.5 cm     Middle Tier
6 inch / 15 cm        Top Tier

Additional handmade models/figures available from £10 each on all cake sizes.

3D SHAPED CAKES                         Prices From

Simple 3D Shaped Cakes                £ 85
3D cakes start at £85 for a small simple shaped cake (e.g. PlayStation).

Complex 3D Shaped Cakes             £150
More complex 3D designs are priced individually and will start from £150 due to the design/making time, internal support structure and work entailed in creating them.  Whilst I am happy to quote and create for complex designs, you will need to take into account if these can be delivered successfully to you without any damage occurring en route.  I may turn down designs due to this reason alone.  Please ask me, before booking, should you have a particular design in mind and I will do my best to help.

Car / Vehicle Shaped Cakes            £100
Final price is dependent on vehicle type and size.

3D Number Shaped Cakes            Prices From
Single Digit (1-9) Numeral                 £ 85
Double Digit (10+) Numerals             £150

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